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To help the Mansfield Community live a more healthy lifestyle.

The City of Mansfield, The Mansfield ISD and The Mansfield Area Chamber of Commerce are partnering on this initiative with a five year plan.  Each year we will add to our Healthy This Way.

Year One:  Move This Way!

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Getting Started is Easier than You Think


Incorporate More Physical Activity Into Your Daily Routine

Try a walk going just a little further each day.  Or choose from activities like gardening, dancing, yoga, cycling, swimming or just park your car a little further away from your destination and "Walk This Way"

Stepping Up Your Step Count


1. While out grocery shopping…walk around the perimeter aisles before you begin shopping. What can be more healthy?

2. Use the restroom one floor down (or up) at work instead of heading for the closest one. 

3. Instead of fighting other drivers for that single open spot near the door, do your blood pressure and body a favor and park several rows away.

4. Walk around the block/soccer field/park while your kid is at practice

5. March in place while brushing your teeth.

6. Going to the mailbox down the street from your house? Instead of driving to the mailbox to pick up your mail on your way out or home, take a walk to the mailbox. 

7. If your grocery store is in walking distance and you only need a few, easy-to-carry items, instead of driving, try walking. It will save you money on gas (you won’t buy extra items you don’t need) and it’s great for your body and the environment. 

8. Walk over to your coworker's desk instead of e-mailing or calling.

Be healthy!

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